SR0775LRB103 39487 LAW 69683 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate wish to
3recognize the celebration of the Lunar New Year as a major
4holiday celebrated by Asian American communities in Illinois
5and the United States as well as Asian communities around the
6world; and
7    WHEREAS, The Lunar New Year marks the beginning of the
8year using the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar or a
9variant; and
10    WHEREAS, The Lunar New Year starts on the second new moon
11after the winter solstice, falling between January 21 and
12February 19 on the Gregorian calendar used in the United
13States; and
14    WHEREAS, The Lunar New Year began being celebrated in East
15Asia and Southeast Asia more than 4,000 years ago; today, it is
16observed worldwide among people of Chinese, Korean, and
17Vietnamese heritage; and
18    WHEREAS, The Lunar New Year is known as the Spring
19Festival in China, Seollal in Korea, and Tet in Vietnam; and
20    WHEREAS, While Lunar New Year celebrations vary in length



SR0775- 2 -LRB103 39487 LAW 69683 r

1from culture to culture, ranging from three days to two weeks,
2celebration commonalities include gathering with family and
3friends, honoring ancestors and elders, watching and
4participating in traditional dances, settling disputes,
5exchanging gifts, and enjoying feasts; and
6    WHEREAS, The Lunar New Year occurs in a 12-year cycle,
7with each year being represented by one of 12 animals from the
8zodiac; and
9    WHEREAS, In Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Lunar New Year
10celebrations, the 2024 Lunar New Year is the Year of the
11Dragon, symbolizing courage, good fortune, honor, prosperity,
12and success; and
13    WHEREAS, This year, the Lunar New Year will begin on
14February 10, 2024; therefore, be it
16ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we recognize the
17cultural and historical significance of the Lunar New Year to
18Asian American communities, express our deepest respect for
19Asian Americans and people throughout Illinois and the world
20who celebrate the Lunar New Year, and wish those who celebrate
21a happy and prosperous new year.