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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened
3to learn of the death of Joshua Cornelius Alexander Sr. of
4Chicago, who passed away on January 28, 2024; and
5    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander was born to Victoria Wright
6Alexander in Chicago on April 22, 1987; he committed to his
7faith at an early age, attending Calvary Missionary Baptist
8Church and then Christ Universal Temple, where he was active
9in the Sunday school, later becoming a Sunday school teacher,
10and was a member of the Youth Expressing Christ, the media
11team, the April Birth Month, and the Healthy Concept groups;
12he graduated from Harvard School in 2001 and Hales Franciscan
13High School in 2006, where he was a member of the bowling team
14and the track team; he attended Columbia College Chicago; and
15    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander contributed his audiovisual
16technical skills to many cultural and commercial projects
17throughout Chicago; he worked and volunteered as a theater
18tech, greeter, museum store clerk, and an educational tour
19guide at the DuSable Museum of African American History; he
20interned at the Black Theater Ensemble, where he further
21developed his audiovisual and acting skills; he worked as a
22special assistant to Don Jackson for the Bud Billiken Parade
23and the Chicago Football Classic for Central City Productions;



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1he also served as an assistant track coach at the University of
2Chicago Lab School; he recently aided in developing the
3National Museum of Gospel Music; and
4    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander was extremely proud of serving
5as a pastoral escort for Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon and being
6given the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama in the
7Oval Office at the White House during his first term in office;
8he had a lifelong association with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition;
9he was part of Bill Pinkney's Amistad ship crew during its
10visit to Navy Pier in 2011; he was frequently involved with
11advocating and supporting African American museums and
12cultural industries; and
13    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander loved bowling, and he was
14recently selected to represent his bowling league at the Beat
15the Champs charity bowling event; he also danced and drummed
16for the Muntu Dance Theatre; and
17    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander enjoyed cooking and mastered
18many crafts by participating in his family's business,
19HerVel's Unlimited Ceramics Arts and Crafts; he also enjoyed
20traveling, visiting Africa at age 12 and bringing home his
21first drum; he loved playing the drums, a passion he recently
22started sharing with his son; and



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1    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander was a devoted father who never
2knew a stranger and welcomed everyone with love; and
3    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander was preceded in death by his
4parents; his grandfather, Herman Wright; and his aunt, Loretta
5Johnson; and
6    WHEREAS, Joshua Alexander is survived by his son, Joshua
7C. Alexander Jr.; his grandmother, Velma Wright; his aunt,
8Antoinette Wright; his cousins, Mekeda (Kevin) Johnson Brooks,
9Jasmin Brooks, Christopher Wallace, Marcus Mays, and Gail
10Crummie Washington; his special person, Tatiana Kilpatrick;
11and many other relatives, friends, and colleagues; therefore,
12be it
14ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
15Joshua Cornelius Alexander Sr. and extend our sincere
16condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew and loved
17him; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
19presented to the family of Joshua Alexander as an expression
20of our deepest sympathy.