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SR0625 LRB096 20111 RPM 35643 r


2     WHEREAS, Modern medicine has made amazing advances in
3 fighting pediatric cancer and pediatric cancer survivors are
4 faced with a unique set of problems because of these advances;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, Cure rates for pediatric cancers have risen
7 dramatically during the past 20 years; it is estimated that one
8 in every 900 adults, aged 16 to 44, is a survivor of pediatric
9 cancer; and
10     WHEREAS, Almost 70% of children that are diagnosed with
11 brain cancer survive treatment today; this statistic calls into
12 focus the need to look at a child's quality of life in the
13 years following treatment; and
14     WHEREAS, Pediatric cancer survivorship can come with a
15 price in the form of long-term medical, financial,
16 psychosocial, and neuro-cognitive problems due to
17 chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery; and
18     WHEREAS, The major expenses of a pediatric cancer diagnosis
19 and treatment program are associated with the direct costs of
20 medical care, including charges for hospitalizations, clinic
21 visits, medications, tests and procedures, home health



SR0625 - 2 - LRB096 20111 RPM 35643 r

1 services, services of doctors and other professionals, and
2 other treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation
3 therapy, and bone marrow or peripheral stem cell
4 transplantation; and
5     WHEREAS, Even well insured middle-class families with
6 health insurance can find themselves in financial distress
7 because of a single catastrophic illness; even when insurance
8 doesn't run out, health care costs can be staggering for the
9 families of children with cancer; and
10     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois recognizes that amazing
11 advances have been made in the treatment of pediatric cancer
12 and survivor rates; therefore, be it
14 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we proclaim the week of
15 March 21 to 27, 2010 as Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Week in
16 this State.