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Full Text of SR0358  98th General Assembly




SR0358LRB098 12390 MST 46750 r


2    WHEREAS, The United Congress of Community and Religious
3Organizations leads a grassroots-led multiethnic human rights
4alliance, to advance human rights and racial equity issues
5across the State; and
6    WHEREAS, The United Congress led an important effort to
7educate the General Assembly and the people of the State of
8Illinois on the issue of prison-based gerrymandering and the
9need to correct how the State's prisoners are counted for
10purposes of population; and
11    WHEREAS, Various State and federal funds are distributed
12based on the population of municipality or unit of government;
14    WHEREAS, The communities from where incarcerated
15individuals come from and return to after prison bear great
16cost in providing services to these individuals for their
17reintegration into the community; and
18    WHEREAS, The communities from where incarcerated
19individuals come from must bear these costs without funding
20that accurately reflects their population; and



SR0358- 2 -LRB098 12390 MST 46750 r

1    WHEREAS, The General Assembly has given the Commission on
2Government Forecasting and Accountability the responsibility
3of conducting special economic and fiscal studies as it deems
4appropriate or desirable or as the General Assembly may
5request; therefore, be it
7ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the Commission on
8Government Forecasting and Accountability is directed to
9conduct a study examining the fiscal impact realized from
10transferring an incarcerated individual from his or her
11physical address of incarceration to their last known physical
12address prior to incarceration for population purposes; and be
13it further
14    RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of Corrections and
15any other agencies or entities having information relevant to
16this study cooperate fully and promptly with the Commission on
17Government Forecasting and Accountability; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That the Commission on Government Forecasting
19and Accountability commence this study and issue their final
20report to the General Assembly by July 1, 2014.