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SB3191 EnrolledLRB100 19563 MJP 34831 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Department of Veterans' Affairs Act is
5amended by changing Section 2.01a as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 2805/2.01a)  (from Ch. 126 1/2, par. 67.01a)
7    Sec. 2.01a. Members benefits fund; personal property. The
8Department shall direct the expenditure of all money which has
9been or may be received by any officer of an Illinois Veterans
10Home including profit on sales from commissary stores. The
11money shall be deposited into the members benefits fund and
12expenditures from the fund shall be made under the direction of
13the Department for the special comfort, pleasure, and amusement
14of residents and employees, provided that amounts expended for
15comfort, pleasure, and amusement of employees shall not exceed
16the amount of profits derived from sales made to employees by
17such commissaries, as determined by the Department. The
18Department may also make expenditures from the fund, subject to
19approval by the Director of Veterans' Affairs, for recognition
20and appreciation programs for volunteers who assist the
21Veterans Homes. Expenditures from the fund may not be used to
22supplement a shortfall in the ordinary and contingent operating
23expenses of the Home and shall be expended only for the special



SB3191 Enrolled- 2 -LRB100 19563 MJP 34831 b

1comfort, pleasure, and amusement of the residents.
2    Money received as interest and income on funds deposited
3for residents of an Illinois Veterans Home shall be paid to the
4individual accounts of the residents. If home residents choose
5to hold savings accounts or other investments outside the Home,
6interest or income on the individual savings accounts or
7investments of residents shall accrue to the individual
8accounts of the residents.
9    Any money belonging to residents separated by death,
10discharge, or unauthorized absence from an Illinois Veterans
11Home, in custody of officers thereof, may, if unclaimed by the
12resident or the legal representatives thereof for a period of 2
13years, be expended at the direction of the Department for the
14purposes and in the manner specified above. Articles of
15personal property, with the exception of clothing left in the
16custody of officers, shall, if unclaimed for the period of 2
17years, be sold and the money disposed of in the same manner.
18    Clothing left at a Home by residents at the time of
19separation may be used as determined by the Home if unclaimed
20by the resident or legal representatives thereof within 30 days
21after notification.
22(Source: P.A. 92-671, eff. 7-16-02.)