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HR0432LRB098 12259 MST 46645 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate Bess Shizas as she
4retires after 36 years of teaching; and
5    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas taught Language Arts at North Ridge
6Junior High School in Danville from 1961-1963 and English at
7Lyons Township High School in Western Springs from 1963-1975,
8where she was the chairperson of freshmen level and student
9council advisor; for the past 22 years, from 1990-2012, she has
10been at Koraes Elementary School in Palos Hills as the Junior
11High Language Arts teacher, 8th grade advisor, newspaper
12advisor, and Hellenic Law Day advisor; and
13    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas has had a tremendous influence on the
14students that have passed through her classroom over the years
15and is often visited by former students who are now in high
16school, college, and the work force to express their admiration
17and thank her for the influence she had on their lives; and
18    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas was always guided by her favorite
19quotation: "What the teacher is, is more important than what
20she teaches"; and
21    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas realized early in her teaching career



HR0432- 2 -LRB098 12259 MST 46645 r

1the significance she could have and that teaching students
2allowed her endless opportunities to laugh with them, to listen
3and encourage their ideas, and to inspire them to read and
4appreciate literature; she was honored to be their teacher and
5impart the values and knowledge that would lead them to
6productive lives; and
7    WHEREAS, On December 29, 2012, a surprise retirement party
8was held to honor Bess Shizas by her daughter, Mary Beth at
9Mongo McMichaels Restaurant in Romeoville; filled with
10approximately 300 guests including family, friends, and
11students, past and present, the gathering showed the impact she
12has had on so many; and
13    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas names the 2 highlights of her teaching
14career to be when past students would visit and tell her how
15they continued to utilize what she taught them and her
16retirement party when she was overwhelmed by the comments of
17those there to honor her which solidified that she had chosen a
18profession she loved and would cherish forever; and
19    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas has a bachelors of science in English
20Education earned in 1961 and a masters of education earned in
211965, both from the University of Illinois; and
22    WHEREAS, Bess Shizas, daughter of Tom and Mary Pergakes,



HR0432- 3 -LRB098 12259 MST 46645 r

1was born on July 26, 1939, in Danville; she graduated from
2Danville High School in 1957 and resided there until moving to
3the Chicago area to teach at Lyons Township High School in
41963; she married Spero P. Shizas in 1970 and they had one
5daughter, Mary Beth, born in 1975; therefore, be it
8we congratulate Bess Shizas on the occasion of her retirement
9after 36 years of teaching, thank her for her commitment to
10education, and wish her all the best in her future endeavours;
11and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
13presented to Bess Shizas as an expression of our esteem and