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2     WHEREAS, The members of this body are pleased to recognize
3 Illinois' citizens who have distinguished themselves in
4 service to their community and this State; and
5     WHEREAS, It has come to our attention that Michael L. Smoot
6 has announced his retirement as Superintendent of Schools for
7 Wood Dale School District #7, where he coined the phrase "our
8 product is an educated child"; and
9     WHEREAS, Mr. Smoot started his career in Illinois public
10 education as a teacher in Mannheim School District #83; he then
11 became the Principal of Americana School at the Queen Bee
12 School District in Glendale Heights; he next served Brookfield
13 School District #95, first as a principal and then as assistant
14 and interim superintendent; he then became the Superintendent
15 of Wood Dale School District #7; and
16     WHEREAS, Mr. Smoot has served the citizens and children of
17 Wood Dale with exemplary distinction for over 25 years; and
18     WHEREAS, Under Mr. Smoot's leadership, Wood Dale School
19 District #7 and it's students have benefited from an infusion
20 of innovative teaching concepts, a focus on incorporating the
21 arts in education, and targeted attention for at-risk learners;
22 and
23     WHEREAS, Throughout his career, Mr. Smoot has established
24 himself as a renowned advocate for children with special needs,
25 exemplifying his strongly held belief that every child deserves
26 an opportunity to succeed; and
27     WHEREAS, Mr. Smoot established in Wood Dale one of
28 Illinois' first Early Childhood Education Centers that, to this
29 day, serves as a model for other early childhood educational



HR1106 - 2 - LRB093 22713 KEF 52393 r

1 programs around the State; and
2     WHEREAS, Over his career, Mr. Smoot accomplished several
3 monumental building projects in Wood Dale School District #7
4 designed to insure an advantageous learning environment for all
5 of his students; and
6     WHEREAS, Mr. Smoot has also served his profession by
7 mentoring fellow educators and through his involvement in the
8 Educational League of Illinois, the Suburban Superintendent's
9 Association, the Illinois Association of School
10 Administrators, the Illinois Association of School Boards, the
11 American Association of School Administrators, the National
12 School Board Association, and various other organizations; and
13     WHEREAS, Mr. Smoot has served the children of this State in
14 numerous ways; in addition to having earned the esteem of the
15 educational community, he has the respect and admiration of all
16 those he has served, as well as the other educators he has
17 served with; therefore, be it
20 congratulate Michael L. Smoot on his retirement as
21 Superintendent of Schools for Wood Dale School District #7 and
22 extend our sincere best wishes to him for health and happiness
23 in the future; and be it further
24     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
25 presented to Michael L. Smoot as an expression of our respect
26 and esteem.