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SR0433 LRB093 19755 KEF 47579 r


2     WHEREAS, Hemophilia is a genetic condition affecting
3 approximately 700 persons in the State of Illinois; hemophilia
4 is characterized by the absence of one of the several clotting
5 factors necessary to control bleeding; the standard care for
6 the treatment of hemophilia is to replace the absent clotting
7 factors necessary to control bleeding; and
8     WHEREAS, Without treatment, people with hemophilia face
9 frequent, spontaneous bleeding episodes in their joints
10 causing swelling in the joint, muscles, internal organs, and
11 brain; repeated bleeding episodes in joints result in a chronic
12 degenerative arthritic condition, which often leads to
13 frequent hospitalizations, permanent disability, and chronic
14 pain; bleeding episodes involving internal organs and the brain
15 can cause permanent damage, disability, and even death; and
16     WHEREAS, Severe bleeding episodes result in lost time at
17 work and school, decreased quality of life, and inability to
18 perform basic living activities; and
19     WHEREAS, With proper care and access to comprehensive
20 medical resources, persons with hemophilia can control
21 bleeding episodes and can lead productive lives; and
22     WHEREAS, The Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee of
23 the National Hemophilia Foundation recommends recombinant
24 factor products as the treatment of choice for persons with
25 hemophilia VIII and IX; and
26     WHEREAS, Visits to Hemophilia Treatment Centers reduced
27 morbidity by 60 percent; and
28     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is committed to the proper
29 medical treatment of hemophilia; and



SR0433 - 2 - LRB093 19755 KEF 47579 r

1     WHEREAS, Hemophilia and its complications are not well
2 understood by the general public; and
3     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois encourages efforts to
4 promote the understanding of hemophilia so that it is treated
5 properly; therefore, be it
7 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that March, 2004, and each
8 March thereafter be designated Hemophilia Awareness Month to
9 enhance the understanding and proper treatment of hemophilia
10 and to encourage participation in activities to support
11 programs to properly treat hemophilia.