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SR0482 LRB093 14495 HSS 40873 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate were deeply
3 saddened to learn of the death of State Senator Stanley B.
4 Weaver on November 11, 2003; and
5     WHEREAS, Stan devoted his life to public service for nearly
6 45 years; and
7     WHEREAS, He served as Mayor of Urbana from May 1957 to
8 January 1969; and
9     WHEREAS, He served in the Illinois Senate from 1970 to
10 2002, after one term in the House of Representatives; and
11     WHEREAS, He was named to the newly-created position of
12 Senate Majority Leader in 1997, after serving as Assistant
13 Senate Leader for 22 years; and
14     WHEREAS, As a lawmaker, Stan's priorities were always those
15 of the people he represented - quality education, agriculture,
16 economic development, and conservation; and
17     WHEREAS, He was a strong advocate for the University of
18 Illinois, helping it become one of the best institutions of
19 higher education in the nation; and
20     WHEREAS, When Senator Weaver rose to speak in the Senate,
21 people recognized his command of the issues - and listened; and
22     WHEREAS, He was well known for his skills in bringing
23 people to the table, both to forge compromises in legislative
24 stalemates and to play poker with his friends and colleagues
25 after the work of the day was done; and
26     WHEREAS, Stan was held in the highest esteem by his



SR0482 - 2 - LRB093 14495 HSS 40873 r

1 colleagues and constituents from both political parties; and
2     WHEREAS, Stan Weaver was the unquestioned dean of the
3 Illinois Senate; and
4     WHEREAS, Stan Weaver was born May 23, 1925, in Harrisburg,
5 graduated from Urbana public schools, attended Michigan State
6 College and the University of Illinois, and graduated from the
7 Indiana College of Mortuary Science; and
8     WHEREAS, He served in the Army Air Force during World War
9 II in the Southwest Pacific Theater, earning five battle stars;
10 and
11     WHEREAS, He was a member of the Air Force crew that flew
12 peace delegates to Tokyo, Japan, to the ceremonies ending the
13 war; and
14     WHEREAS, He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
15 and the American Legion; and
16     WHEREAS, He was a mortician by trade and owned the Weaver
17 Memorial Chapel funeral home, later joining with the former
18 Champaign County Coroner Tom Henderson to operate the
19 Weaver-Henderson Funeral Home in Urbana; and
20     WHEREAS, During his tenure as Mayor of Urbana, a new city
21 building and Lincoln Square, one of the first indoor shopping
22 malls in downstate Illinois, were built; and
23     WHEREAS, He was past president of the Illinois Municipal
24 League; and
25     WHEREAS, He earned the rare distinction of 33rd Degree
26 Mason with his longtime service with the Masonic Lodge,
27 Danville Consistory; and



SR0482 - 3 - LRB093 14495 HSS 40873 r

1     WHEREAS, He was a 50-year member of the Mohammed Shrine in
2 Peoria; and
3     WHEREAS, He was a member of the International Chili
4 Society; and
5     WHEREAS, He was preceded in death by his beloved wife,
6 Mary; and
7     WHEREAS, He is survived by his son, Blake; his daughter,
8 Sherry; and two granddaughters, Lindsay and Jessica;
9 therefore, be it
11 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the loss of
12 Stan Weaver and his service to the State of Illinois, while at
13 the same time celebrating his legacy of quiet, effective
14 leadership and commitment to the greater good; and be it
15 further
16     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this preamble and
17 resolution be presented to the children and grandchildren of
18 our friend, Stan Weaver, with our sincere sympathies and our
19 abiding respect, admiration, and love for their father and
20 grandfather.