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Full Text of HB4604  94th General Assembly



HB4604 Engrossed LRB094 18029 BDD 53334 b

1     AN ACT concerning State government.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The Department of Commerce and Economic
5 Opportunity Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
6 amended by adding Section 605-407 as follows:
7     (20 ILCS 605/605-407 new)
8     Sec. 605-407. New Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness
9 Council.
10     (a) The New Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness
11 Council is created within the Department for the purpose of
12 advocating, coordinating, and implementing policies to help
13 manufacturers in the State compete in the global marketplace.
14     (b) The Council, the make-up of which must reflect the
15 diversity of the citizens of the State of Illinois, shall
16 consist of 21 members, as follows:
17         (1) the Director, or his or her designee, who shall
18     serve, ex officio, as the chairperson of the Council;
19         (2) seven members who are manufacturing executives of
20     Illinois-based businesses, one from a business that is
21     headquartered within the City of Chicago, 4 from businesses
22     that are headquartered within Cook County (outside of the
23     City of Chicago) or within Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, or
24     Will counties, and 2 from businesses that are headquartered
25     outside of the Chicagoland area;
26         (3) two members from organizations representing
27     manufacturers, which may include, but not be limited to,
28     the Illinois Manufacturers Association, the Alliance for
29     Illinois Manufacturing, the Illinois State Chamber of
30     Commerce, and the Tooling and Manufacturing Association;
31         (4) two members employed by a community college in the
32     State, one of which is located within the Chicagoland area



HB4604 Engrossed - 2 - LRB094 18029 BDD 53334 b

1     and the other of which is located outside of the
2     Chicagoland area;
3         (5) two members employed by a research university in
4     the State, one of which is located within the Chicagoland
5     area and the other of which is located outside of the
6     Chicagoland area;
7         (6) one member from a for-profit institution of higher
8     education in the State;
9         (7) four members appointed, one each, by the President
10     of the Senate, the Minority Leader of the Senate, the
11     Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Minority
12     Leader of the House of Representatives;
13         (8) one member appointed by the board of directors of
14     the Illinois Global Partnership; and
15         (9) one member, appointed by the Governor, who
16     represents a labor organization.
17 The Director must appoint the members to the Council set forth
18 under items (2) through (6) of this subsection, and each of the
19 members set forth under item (2) must be appointed from a
20 business firm with not less than 40 and not more than 100
21 employees and with annual revenues of not less than $3,000,000
22 and not more than $22,500,000. For the purpose of this
23 subsection, "Chicagoland area" means the Counties of Cook,
24 Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, and Will.
25     (c) The members of the Council shall serve without
26 compensation, but may be reimbursed for their reasonable
27 expenses from funds appropriated for that purpose.
28     (d) In performing its duties and functions under this
29 Section, the Council must study and develop procedures to be
30 used by the State to:
31         (1) create conditions for economic growth and
32     manufacturing investment;
33         (2) identify new regional, national, and international
34     markets;
35         (3) strengthen education, retraining, and economic
36     diversification in the State;



HB4604 Engrossed - 3 - LRB094 18029 BDD 53334 b

1         (4) partner with educational and technological
2     institutions;
3         (5) increase research and development and encourage
4     innovation;
5         (6) assist manufacturers in the State to retool for new
6     products; and
7         (7) develop a technology transfer and
8     commercialization program.
9     (e) The Department must provide administrative and
10 technical assistance to the Council. The Council shall meet at
11 the call of the chairperson and must meet at least 4 times each
12 year. The Council must present its findings and recommendations
13 to the Governor and to the General Assembly no later than
14 December 31 of each year.