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HR0321 LRB094 11979 CSA 44910 r


2     WHEREAS, The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce has named
3 John Scrivner as its 2005 Small Business Person of the Year;
4 and
5     WHEREAS, The award will be presented at the Jefferson
6 County Chamber of Commerce annual dinner on Friday, April 15,
7 2005, at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Vernon; and
8     WHEREAS, Mr. Scrivner has been a lifelong resident of Mt.
9 Vernon and has worked with electricity and electronics since
10 his early childhood; a 1983 graduate of Mt. Vernon Township
11 High School (MVTHS), Mr. Scrivner spent much of his junior and
12 senior years working on his electrical aptitude under the
13 guidance of John Buffet in the MVTHS Vocational Study Program;
14 he remained fascinated with electronics and has worked in
15 nearly all capacities of electrical and electronic work; and
16     WHEREAS, He attended Southern Illinois University in
17 Carbondale's School of Technical Careers for two years; in
18 1995, he made his first connection to the Internet; and
19     WHEREAS, On May 1, 1997, Mr. Scrivner and Mr. Dan Hamilton
20 opened the doors of Mt. Vernon Net, Inc., (MVN), an Internet
21 service provider; MVN has grown steadily and had their best
22 year in 2004; they have accomplished much in developing
23 wireless broadband services throughout the area; they have
24 built a network for the City of Mt. Vernon to communicate from
25 building to building throughout the City, they have put
26 wireless data radios in City and County squad cars allowing
27 data flow to and from the departments, and they are working
28 with the Fire Department to eventually build connections for
29 their trucks and stations; MVN received a grant from the
30 federal government to build high speed wireless services into
31 the Village of Bluford, and MVN serves the Internet and



HR0321 - 2 - LRB094 11979 CSA 44910 r

1 networking needs of several thousand residents and businesses
2 throughout the area; and
3     WHEREAS, Most recently, Mr. Scrivner has started a national
4 trade association for the wireless industry called Wireless
5 Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA); the non-profit
6 organization will promote and improve the Wireless Internet
7 Service Provider industry through lobbying, regulatory reform
8 efforts, industry best practices, and online resources to aid
9 the WISP operators who make up the majority of the membership;
10 and
11     WHEREAS, Mr. Scrivner has many plans for the future; he is
12 helping to restore Mt. Vernon's old Granada Theater and has
13 dreams of building other new business ventures in the future;
14 therefore, be it
17 we congratulate John Scrivner on being named the 2005 Small
18 Business Person of the Year by the Jefferson County Chamber of
19 Commerce and extend to him best wishes for continued success
20 and happiness; and be it further
21     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
22 presented to John Scrivner as an expression of our admiration
23 and esteem.