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Full Text of HR1017  95th General Assembly



HR1017 LRB095 20175 GRL 46739 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to congratulate Sam Banks on the
4 occasion of his stepping down as President and CEO of
5 Cunningham Children's Home and for accepting a new position as
6 CEO of Glenwood School for Boys and Girls; and
7     WHEREAS, Sam Banks attended Quincy University in Quincy,
8 where he received the Outstanding Achievement Award for
9 academic and volunteer achievements as an undergraduate; after
10 completing his bachelor's degree at Quincy University, he
11 received his master of social work degree from the University
12 of Illinois at Chicago; and
13     WHEREAS, Sam Banks began his career in social work at
14 Chaddock in Quincy, where he worked for six years before coming
15 to Cunningham Children's Home in 1982 as program coordinator;
16 after briefly working as acting director, he was appointed
17 President/CEO in May of 1989; and
18     WHEREAS, Under the leadership of Sam Banks, Cunningham
19 Children's Home grew from a staff of 75 serving 57 youth with
20 an annual budget of under $1 million into a multi-faceted child
21 welfare agency with a staff of 222 and an annual budget of
22 $12.5 million; the facility has also expanded to provide a



HR1017 - 2 - LRB095 20175 GRL 46739 r

1 variety of residential, community-based, and educational
2 services to over 260 youth and their families every year,
3 including the construction of recreation facilities at Lake
4 Mattoon, the Kendall Gill Boys' Group Home, CIRCLE Academy, the
5 Residential Treatment Center, and the Spiritual Life Center;
6 the facility also boasts a balanced annual budget and has
7 received statewide recognition for the quality of its programs
8 and has dramatically increased its levels of charitable
9 support; and
10     WHEREAS, In early March of 2008, Sam Banks will become the
11 CEO of Glenwood School for Boys and Girls, a community
12 supported non-profit organization that provides socially and
13 economically disadvantaged children with a comprehensive
14 residential, education, and life-skills program; the school
15 will certainly be well served with Mr. Banks at its head; and
16     WHEREAS, Sam Banks has also been an active member in his
17 community through his many civic memberships; he serves as
18 Chair-Elect of the United Methodist Association of Health and
19 Welfare Ministries, a 400 member organization consisting of
20 United Methodist-related child and family, older adult, and
21 health services agencies across the United States; he serves on
22 the board of directors of Quincy University, Busey Bank, the
23 Developmental Services Center Foundation, and the Prairielands
24 Council of the Boy Scouts of America; he was also a former



HR1017 - 3 - LRB095 20175 GRL 46739 r

1 member of the board of directors of the Illinois Child Care
2 Association; and
3     WHEREAS, Sam Banks was the recipient of the Administrator
4 of the Year Award from the United Methodist Association in
5 honor of his many contributions to the welfare of others; and
6     WHEREAS, Sam Banks officiated in men's college basketball
7 games at the Division I level for 20 years; and
8     WHEREAS, Sam Banks' wife, Maureen, serves as the Director
9 of Safety and Compliance at the University of Illinois;
10 together, they have three children, Bryan, Brittany, and
11 Danielle; and
12     WHEREAS, Sam Banks' dedication and commitment to the needs
13 of children with special needs throughout this State is an
14 inspiration to all and a model of charity and goodwill for the
15 citizens of the State of Illinois; therefore, be it
18 thank Sam Banks for his many years of service, congratulate him
19 on his new position and wish him continued success and
20 happiness in the future; and be it further



HR1017 - 4 - LRB095 20175 GRL 46739 r

1     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2 presented to Sam Banks as a symbol of our esteem and respect.