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Full Text of HR1166  95th General Assembly



HR1166 LRB095 20578 KXB 48590 r


2     WHEREAS, Over the past 50 years, the Northwest Municipal
3 Conference (NWMC) has been working to strengthen communities
4 and enhance intergovernmental relationships in the north and
5 northwest suburbs of Chicago; the Northwest Municipal
6 Conference represents over 1.3 million citizens residing in 47
7 municipalities and 3 townships; their membership area covers
8 over 300 square miles in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, and McHenry
9 counties; the Conference serves the needs of local governments
10 through a variety of policy initiatives and programs and
11 services that combine the resources of individual members to
12 address regional issues; and
13     WHEREAS, Founded in 1958, the Northwest Municipal
14 Conference has evolved from a small local forum to address
15 specific issues; the Northwest Municipal Conference is a
16 multi-faceted organization that provides members not only a
17 platform to address issues of regional concern but also a
18 variety of programs and services designed to strengthen their
19 individual communities local government interests to plan for
20 our future and provide strong, innovative, well-run
21 communities for our citizens and businesses; and
22     WHEREAS, The NWMC Board consists of member mayors and
23 township supervisors who both convene on a regular basis as a



HR1166 - 2 - LRB095 20578 KXB 48590 r

1 whole to address regional issues and concerns and work together
2 though our various committees to focus on specific topics and
3 interests; 12 standing committees focus on a variety of topics
4 ranging from transportation and program services to
5 legislative priorities and issues faced by townships and
6 non-home rule municipalities; the Executive Board consists of
7 Conference officers and committee chairs that meet monthly to
8 coordinate the work of the committees and prepare the NWMC
9 Board agendas; directly appointed by the Board, the NWMC
10 Executive Director is responsible for implementing the vision
11 of the Northwest Municipal Conference membership; and
12     WHEREAS, The Executive Director represents the Conference
13 on regional topics, works closely with the NWMC Board on
14 priority issues, and directs a staff of twelve towards their
15 mission of advancing the directives of the membership; the
16 Northwest Municipal Conference is a not-for-profit
17 organization that is self-supported by membership and
18 supplemented through entrepreneurial activities; and
19     WHEREAS, The Northwest Municipal Conference has long
20 served as a forum for elected officials and professional staff
21 to discuss topics and exchange ideas for the betterment of
22 their communities; the Conference also provides a number of
23 social opportunities for members to enjoy each other's company
24 and friendship at events such as an annual banquet, legislative



HR1166 - 3 - LRB095 20578 KXB 48590 r

1 dinner, and golf tournament (with competition between members
2 for the revered Ahrens Cup); and
3     WHEREAS, The Northwest Municipal Conference is led by
4 President Anthony Arredia, Mayor of the City of Des Plaines;
5 therefore, be it
8 congratulate the member mayors and township supervisors of the
9 Northwest Municipal Conference on the 50th anniversary of the
10 Conference; and be it further
11     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
12 presented to Anthony Arredia, President of the Northwest
13 Municipal Conference and Mayor of the City of Des Plaines.