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Full Text of HR0065  95th General Assembly



HR0065 LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r


2     WHEREAS, In 1867 the Legislature authorized the
3 construction of the sixth Illinois State Capitol and the second
4 to be located in Springfield; the groundbreaking was held the
5 following year and in 1877 the General Assembly met in its
6 present chambers for the first time; work on the building was
7 finally completed in 1888; and
8     WHEREAS, The original design for the building was created
9 by Chicago architect John C. Cochrane, who formed a partnership
10 with Alfred H. Piquenard; architect W. W. Boyington, who also
11 designed Chicago's Water Tower building, played an important
12 role in the final years of the Capitol's construction; and
13     WHEREAS, The last significant chamber renovations were
14 finished in 1974; nearly three decades of additional wear,
15 combined with critical electrical, plumbing, climate control,
16 structural and public safety concerns, prompted the
17 realization that to ensure the chamber would continue to serve
18 its essential function for generations to come, it would be
19 necessary to undertake a significant new reconstruction
20 effort; and
21     WHEREAS, Those involved in the initial renovation planning
22 recognized that the situation presented a rare opportunity to



HR0065 - 2 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1 restore the chamber to the grandeur and majesty it had not
2 known since its first days; to understand the chamber's
3 original décor and arrangement, guarantee historical accuracy
4 and maintain modern functionality, House and Senate staff, in
5 conjunction with architects and historians, undertook a
6 multi-year research effort involving the examination of period
7 documents, photographs, newspaper articles and architectural
8 drawings in the Sangamon Valley Collection of Springfield's
9 Lincoln Library and at the State Archives; and
10     WHEREAS, By joint agreement of the House and Senate
11 leadership, and the governor, the construction phase of the
12 restoration was slated to begin in 2006; only moments after the
13 94th General Assembly adjourned its Spring session in May that
14 year did workers begin the task of preparing the chamber,
15 moving quickly to remove old fixtures and furnishings in
16 preparation for the renovation ahead; so began the labors of
17 hundreds of craftsmen and women working continuously for eight
18 months to rebuild the chambers, literally from the ground up;
19 and
20     WHEREAS, The firm of Vinci-Hamp Architects of Chicago,
21 known for its expertise in historical architecture,
22 researched, designed, and oversaw the renovation contract;
23 CORE Construction of Morton, Illinois served as the project's
24 general contractor under the leadership of Brian Rumpf, meeting



HR0065 - 3 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1 deadlines and working to insure the historical accuracy of the
2 work; and
3     WHEREAS, Numerous subcontractors worked diligently on
4 various aspects of the project; Colfax Corporation did the
5 initial asbestos abatement; Henneman Raufeisen & Associates
6 did HVAC Phase I which upgraded the dependability and
7 performance of the chambers mechanical systems; B & B Electric
8 and Cochran and Wilken worked together to design and upgrade
9 the electrical capabilities and dependability of the chamber's
10 mechanical systems; Henson Robinson installed modern plumbing;
11 Evergreene Studios provided historical analysis and
12 restoration of decorative paintwork throughout the chamber;
13 Imperial Woodworking was responsible for the extensive
14 millwork; Brooks Art Glass replicated art glass for the
15 laylight; Bennett Electronic Service Company installed and
16 programmed the new audio system; Morton Automatic Electric
17 installed the new voting consoles; Signature Craft installed
18 the upholstered chamber panels; H. F. Fritsch & Sons did
19 painting and woodwork refinishing; Murphy Marble did the
20 intricate marble reconstruction; Bob Gfroerer hand-stitched
21 over one mile of carpet on the House floor and Allied Carpet
22 hand stitched the gallery and corridors; St. Louis Lighting
23 Company provided period lighting fixtures throughout; and
24     WHEREAS, All of the work was done under the supervision of



HR0065 - 4 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1 the Capitol Development Board in collaboration with Secretary
2 of State Jesse White and Capitol Architect Donald McLarty;
3 numerous state agencies and offices, from the Legislative
4 Information System, Central Management Services, and the staff
5 of the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate helped to
6 make the project a success; and
7     WHEREAS, It is a great honor and privilege to be the first
8 legislators to lay eyes upon and work in surroundings that, but
9 for the addition of certain modern conveniences and appliances,
10 would be completely familiar to the lawmakers who first did the
11 people's business here one-hundred-thirty years ago;
12 therefore, be it
15 that we extend our sincere thanks to all those who endeavored
16 to restore this House to its former glory, and create a place
17 which is among the very finest legislative chambers in the
18 United States and one which the people of Illinois can be
19 justly proud; and be it further
20     RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be presented to
21 the attached list of construction participants as an expression
22 of our gratitude and appreciation.



HR0065 - 5 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1 CORE Construction               Steve Roeschley
2                                 Brian Rumpf
3                                 Curt Tanner
4                                 Rich Sandridge
5                                 Wes Clanton
6                                 Mike Reynolds
7                                 Randy Jacob
8 HF Fritsche                     Wen Fritsche
9                                 Mark Conaway
10                                 Tim Durbin
11                                 Steve Sagle
12                                 Dennis Gillette
13                                 Keith Thrasher
14                                 Herb Craig
15                                 Robert Smith
16                                 Doug Hernandez
17                                 Mike Pryor
18                                 J. D. Harris
19                                 Tom Muir
20 plasterers                      Steve Rothe
21                                 Gerry Whalen
22                                 Mike Jones
23                                 Caine Weber
24                                 Chris Howard
25 Cochran & Wilken Inc            Rick Schmudde
26                                 Jerry Dillon



HR0065 - 6 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1                                 Link Cochran
2 Imperial Woodworking            Frank Huschitt
3                                 Marcus Belli
4                                 Lloyd Busse
5                                 Ralph Heppner
6 Resource One                    Cindy Davis
7                                 Kathy Costa
8 Vinci|Hamp                      Phil Hamp
9                                 David Hrabal
10                                 Alex Krikharr
11                                 Lisa Korpan
12                                 David Reyff
13                                 Larry DuPont
14 CDB                             Tony Licata
15                                 Mark Gerardot
16                                 Jan Grimes
17                                 Ron Wright
18                                 Mark Flowers
19                                 Ed James
20                                 Todd DeJaynes
21                                 Jim Riemer
22 Bennett Electronic Service      John Lauth
23                                 Lance Bounds
24                                 Brian Hopper
25                                 Aaron Rock
26 Morton Automatic Electric       Alan Rumbold



HR0065 - 7 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1 Evergreene                      Ed Magee
2                                 Terry Vanderwell
3                                 Glenn Brown
4                                 Dave Giese
5                                 Terry Brackenbury
6 Egizii                          Jim Tomasko
7                                 Dorse Taylor
8                                 Mike McSperritt
9 Architect                       Don McLarty
10                                 Dean McGeath
11 B & B Electric                  Warren Atherton
12                                 Steve Trutter
13                                 Scott Skillett
14 Henson Robinson                 Scott Williams
15                                 Doug Parker
16 SOS                             Rusty Kunz
17                                 Terri Coombes
18                                 Donna Fitts
19                                 Eric Whitlock
20                                 Daryl Vermilion
21                                 Harl Ray
22                                 Joe Lowder
23 Brooks Art Glass                Steve Brooks and wife Monica
24 Henneman Raufeisen
25    & Associates                 Dave Mauch
26                                 Paul Boland



HR0065 - 8 - LRB095 10691 WGH 30923 r

1                                 Lee Turley
2                                 Chuck Belanger
3                                 Joe Kolodzinski
4 Murphy Marble                   Mike Van Etten
5                                 Greg Satterfield
6                                 Derrik Satterfield
7                                 Dustin Satterfield
8 Allied Carpet (Iowa)            Nick Cox
9 Ohio Carpet                     Bob Gfroerer
10                                 Brian Gfroerer
11 Signature Craft
12    fabric guys                  Matthew Bice
13                                 Dan Rausch
14 sound                           Mark Bennett
15 AT&T                            Ron Skelton
16                                 Matt Dutz