(10 ILCS 5/17-20) (from Ch. 46, par. 17-20)
    Sec. 17-20. When the canvass of the ballots has been completed, the tally judges shall announce to the judges the total number of votes received by each candidate; each judge of the election shall proclaim in a loud voice the total number of votes received by each of the persons voted for and the office for which he is designated, and the number of votes for and number of votes against any proposition which has been submitted to a vote of the people; such proclamation shall be prima facie evidence of the result of such canvass of the ballots.
    Immediately after making such proclamation the judges shall designate one of their number to go to the nearest telephone and report to the office of the county clerk the results announced in such proclamation. The county clerk in such counties shall keep his office open after the close of the polls on the day of any election and thereafter until he has received from each precinct in such county the report above provided for. Immediately upon receiving such report the county clerk shall cause the same to be posted in a public place in his office for inspection by the public. Immediately after making such report such judge shall return to the polling place.
    After making such proclamation and before separating, the judges of all counties shall fold or roll all of the ballots which have been counted by them, except those ballots which have been in the ballot box but have not been counted and marked "defective" or "objected to", securely bind them, lengthwise and in width, with a soft cord having a minimum tensile strength of 60 pounds, and wrap the same with heavy wrapping paper on which the judges of election shall write their signature and seal the package with filament over the signatures and around the package lengthwise and crosswise, at least twice each way, so that the ballots cannot be removed from the package without breaking the seal and the filament tape and disturbing the signatures, and enclose the ballots so wrapped, together with the envelope containing the ballots marked "defective" or "objected to", in a secure canvass covering, which the judges of election shall sign and seal with filament tape as above specified. The precinct judges of election shall elect 2 judges (one from each of the major political parties), who shall immediately return the ballots, in such sealed canvass covering, to the election authority who shall keep their respective offices, or any receiving stations designated by them, open for at least 12 consecutive hours after the polls close, or until the ballots from all precincts within the jurisdiction of any such election authority are returned to the office of such election authority, signed and sealed as above specified. Ballots returned to the office of an election authority which are not signed and sealed as above specified shall not be accepted until the judges returning the same sign and properly seal the same. Upon acceptance of the returned ballots by the election authority, the judges returning the same shall take a receipt signed by the election authority and stamped with the time and date of such return. The election judges whose duty it is to return any ballots as above provided shall, in the event such ballots cannot be found when needed, on proper request, produce the receipt which they are to take as above provided. Upon receiving the ballots so returned, the election authority shall carefully preserve the ballots for 2 months, subject to their examination in a discovery recount proceeding in accordance with law. However, where electronic voting systems are used, the apparatus or frame in which the ballot booklet is contained shall not be subject to the 2 month preservation requirement. At the expiration of that time such election authority shall remove the same from original package and shall destroy the same, together with all unused ballots returned from the polling places. If any contest of election is pending at such time in which such ballots may be required as evidence, and such election authority has notice thereof the same shall not be destroyed until after such contest is finally determined.
    Where voting machines or electronic voting systems are used, the provisions of this section may be modified as required or authorized by Article 24 or Article 24A, whichever is applicable.
(Source: P.A. 83-1362.)