(10 ILCS 5/17-24) (from Ch. 46, par. 17-24)
    Sec. 17-24. All elections in cities, villages and incorporated towns which may have heretofore adopted or may hereafter adopt Article 6 of this Act shall be held in accordance with the provisions of said Article and Articles 14 and 18 and of those sections of this and other Articles hereof that specifically apply to such cities, villages and incorporated towns, except as to the manner of providing, printing and distributing ballots, the form of ballots, the arrangement and the furnishing of polling places and voting booths, and the manner of voting and the preserving of ballots, all of which shall be in conformity with the provisions of the foregoing Sections of this Article 17 and of Article 16 of this Act.
(Source: Laws 1943, vol. 2, p. 253.)