(10 ILCS 5/17-33) (from Ch. 46, par. 17-33)
    Sec. 17-33. Each election authority shall render a bill to the State Board of Elections for the increase in compensation provided in Public Acts 81-850 and 81-1149, to the political subdivisions for the total costs and expenses of said emergency referenda and special elections, and to each municipality with a population of 5000 or less which has determined that established political parties, within the meaning of Section 10-2, shall nominate candidates for municipal office in such municipality by primary in accordance with Article 7. The election authority shall also transmit a copy of such bills to the county treasurer or the municipal treasurer as the case may be.
    Any dispute regarding the amount of election expenses billed to a political subdivision under this Section shall be arbitrated by the State Board of Elections. The decision of the State Board of Elections in such an arbitration shall be enforceable against both the political subdivision and the county, and such decision shall be a final administrative decision for purposes of review under the Administrative Review Law.
(Source: P.A. 83-1337.)