(10 ILCS 5/5-11) (from Ch. 46, par. 5-11)
    Sec. 5-11. Upon the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday following the last day of precinct registration, if so much time is required, the two Deputy Registrars shall go together and canvass the precinct for which they have been appointed, calling at each dwelling place as indicated upon said "Verification Lists"; and if they shall find that any person whose name appears upon their "Verification Lists" does not reside at the place designated thereupon, they shall make a notation in the column headed "Remarks" as follows: "Not Found", "Died", or "Moved", as the case may be, indicating that such person does not reside at such place.
    Whenever deemed necessary by the canvassers, or either of them, he or they may demand of the person having command of the police in such precinct to furnish a policeman, to accompany them and protect them in the performance of their duties; and it shall be the duty of the person having command of the police in such precinct to furnish a policeman for such purpose.
    In making such canvass no person shall refuse to answer questions and give the information asked for and known to him or her, or shall wilfully and knowingly give false information, or make false statements. In making such canvass said canvassers shall make special inquiry at the residence or place designated on the said verification books, as to all persons registered as qualified voters, and shall receive information from judges of election, party canvassers, or other persons.
(Source: Laws 1963, p. 2532.)