(20 ILCS 301/10-10)
    Sec. 10-10. Powers and duties of the Council. The Council shall:
        (a) Advise the Department on ways to encourage public
understanding and support of the Department's programs.
        (b) Advise the Department on regulations and
licensure proposed by the Department.
        (c) Advise the Department in the formulation,
preparation, and implementation of the annual plan submitted with the federal Substance Use Disorder Block Grant application for prevention, early intervention, treatment, and other recovery support services for substance use disorders.
        (d) Advise the Department on implementation of
substance use disorder education and prevention programs throughout the State.
        (e) Assist with incorporating into the annual plan
submitted with the federal Substance Use Disorder Block Grant application, planning information specific to Illinois' female population. The information shall contain, but need not be limited to, the types of services funded, the population served, the support services available, and the goals, objectives, proposed methods of achievement, service projections and cost estimate for the upcoming year.
        (f) Perform other duties as requested by the
        (g) Advise the Department in the planning,
development, and coordination of programs among all agencies and departments of State government, including programs to reduce substance use disorders, prevent the misuse of illegal and legal drugs by persons of all ages, and prevent the use of alcohol by minors.
        (h) Promote and encourage participation by the
private sector, including business, industry, labor, and the media, in programs to prevent substance use disorders.
        (i) Encourage the implementation of programs to
prevent substance use disorders in the public and private schools and educational institutions.
        (j) Gather information, conduct hearings, and make
recommendations to the Secretary concerning additions, deletions, or rescheduling of substances under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act.
        (k) Report as requested to the General Assembly
regarding the activities and recommendations made by the Council.
(Source: P.A. 100-759, eff. 1-1-19.)