(20 ILCS 415/17a) (from Ch. 127, par. 63b117a)
    Sec. 17a. Appointment of federal employees to State positions. At the discretion of the Director of Central Management Services, any certified or probationary employee of any Federal office, agency or institution in the State of Illinois which is closed by the Federal Government may be appointed to a comparable position in State service, without competitive examination. Such persons will attain certified status provided they pass a qualifying examination prescribed by the Director within 6 months after being so appointed, and provided they thereafter satisfactorily complete their respective probationary periods. Such qualifying examinations shall be of the same kind as those required for entrance examinations for comparable positions. Appointments of such employees shall be without regard to eligible lists and without regard to the provisions of this Code requiring the appointment of the person standing among the three highest on the appropriate eligible list to fill a vacancy or from the highest category ranking group if the list is by rankings instead of numerical ratings. Nothing herein shall preclude the reclassification or reallocation as provided by this Act of any position held by any person appointed pursuant to this Section.
(Source: P.A. 82-789.)