(20 ILCS 3105/13) (from Ch. 127, par. 783)
    Sec. 13. The Board may provide cargo handling facilities and facilities designed for the movement of cargo to or from cargo handling facilities for the use of regional port districts. Pursuant to appropriations setting forth specific projects and regional port districts, the Board shall contract with the regional port district named in the Act making the appropriation for cargo handling facilities. Such contract shall provide that the regional port district shall remit to the State of Illinois an amount equal to not more than 20% of the gross receipts attributable to those facilities, and not less than 20% of the profit attributable to those facilities, whether collected by the regional port district or through an operator or other intermediary, until the full amount appropriated and expended by the State of Illinois has been remitted to the State. The exact amount of, the manner of, the method of and the time for such remittances shall be agreed upon by the particular port district and the Board acting through its Executive Director, and such agreement may, from time to time, be amended by the parties so as to alter or modify the amount of, manner of, method of and time for the remittance, including, but not limited to, the temporary forgiveness, suspension or delay of the remittances not to exceed 24 months for any single suspension or delay. The payback is subordinate solely to any outstanding public bond agreements existing at the time of the contract and solely for the period of time of the running of those bond agreements. For any contract entered into under this Section, if, for a period of 25 years, a regional port district has not been required to remit any amount because the regional port district has failed to achieve the required level of profit, then the regional port district shall not be required to remit any amount under the contract.
    This Section shall apply to all regional port district facilities to be constructed by the Board, including projects for which appropriations or reappropriations have been made prior to June 30, 1976, and to all contracts existing prior to the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1985 as well as contracts entered into on or after such date.
(Source: P.A. 100-546, eff. 11-8-17.)