(30 ILCS 500/50-10)
    Sec. 50-10. Felons.
    (a) Unless otherwise provided, no person or business convicted of a felony shall do business with the State of Illinois or any State agency, or enter into a subcontract, from the date of conviction until 5 years after the date of completion of the sentence for that felony, unless no person held responsible by a prosecutorial office for the facts upon which the conviction was based continues to have any involvement with the business.
    For purposes of this subsection (a), "completion of sentence" means completion of all sentencing related to the felony conviction or admission and includes, but is not limited to, the following: incarceration, mandatory supervised release, probation, work release, house arrest, or commitment to a mental facility.
    (b) Every bid or offer submitted to the State, every contract executed by the State, every subcontract subject to Section 20-120 of this Code, and every vendor's submission to a vendor portal shall contain a certification by the bidder, offeror, potential contractor, contractor, or subcontractor, respectively, that the bidder, offeror, potential contractor, contractor, or subcontractor is not barred from being awarded a contract or subcontract under this Section and acknowledges that the chief procurement officer may declare the related contract void if any of the certifications required by this Section are false. If the false certification is made by a subcontractor, then the contractor's submitted bid or offer and the executed contract may not be declared void, unless the contractor refuses to terminate the subcontract upon the State's request after a finding that the subcontract's certification was false.
(Source: P.A. 100-43, eff. 8-9-17.)