(30 ILCS 500/50-2)
    Sec. 50-2. Continuing disclosure; false certification. Every person that has entered into a contract for more than one year in duration for the initial term or for any renewal term shall certify, by January 1 of each fiscal year covered by the contract after the initial fiscal year, to the chief procurement officer or, if the procurement is under the authority of a chief procurement officer, the applicable procurement officer of any changes that affect its ability to satisfy the requirements of this Article pertaining to eligibility for a contract award. If a contractor or subcontractor continues to meet all requirements of this Article, it shall not be required to submit any certification or if the work under the contract has been substantially completed before contract expiration but the contract has not yet expired. If a contractor or subcontractor is not able to truthfully certify that it continues to meet all requirements, it shall provide with its certification a detailed explanation of the circumstances leading to the change in certification status. A contractor or subcontractor that makes a false statement material to any given certification required under this Article is, in addition to any other penalties or consequences prescribed by law, subject to liability under the Illinois False Claims Act for submission of a false claim.
(Source: P.A. 100-43, eff. 8-9-17.)