(35 ILCS 200/11-105)
    Sec. 11-105. Description of railroad track. The right of way, including the superstructures of first, second, third and other main tracks and all side tracks and turnouts, and the stations and improvements of the railroad company on the right of way and all other taxable operating property of the railroad company shall be denominated "railroad track" and shall be so listed and valued. "Railroad track" shall be described in the assessment thereof as a strip of land extending on each side of the track and embracing the same, together with all the stations and improvements and other taxable operating property thereon, commencing where the track crosses the boundary line in entering the taxing district, and extending to where the track crosses the boundary line leaving the taxing district, or to the point of termination in the district, as the case may be, containing .... acres, more or less (inserting name of taxing district, boundary line of same, and number of acres and length in miles), and when advertised or sold for taxes no other description is necessary. Where a railroad company has taxable operating property in taxing districts in which it owns or uses no tracks or trackage rights, the property shall be described the same as similar property belonging to individuals.
(Source: P.A. 81-1stSS-1; 88-455.)