(35 ILCS 200/11-90)
    Sec. 11-90. Information schedules. Each year every railroad company in this State shall return to the Department, in addition to any other information required by this Code, sworn statements or schedules as follows:
        (a) The amount of capital stock authorized and the
total number of shares of capital stock.
        (b) The amount of capital stock issued and
        (c) The market value, or if no market value then the
estimated value, of the shares of stock outstanding.
        (d) The total amount of all bonds outstanding and all
other indebtedness.
        (e) The market value, or if no market value then the
estimated value, of all bonds outstanding and all other indebtedness.
        (f) A statement in detail of the entire gross
receipts and net earnings of the company during the 5 calendar years preceding the assessment date within this State, and of the entire system from all sources.
        (g) The length of the first, second, third and other
main tracks and all side tracks and turnouts showing the proportions within this State and elsewhere.
        (h) The reproduction cost of the property within
Illinois and the total reproduction cost of all property of the company. The reproduction cost, so far as applicable, shall be as last determined by the United States Interstate Commerce Commission, or other competent authority, plus additions and betterments, less retirements and depreciation to the December 31 preceding the assessment date.
        (i) An enumeration and classification of all rolling
stock and car equipment owned or leased by the company. The classification shall show type of equipment and circumstances of ownership and use. The enumeration shall include rolling stock used over the track of other companies under any trackage right agreement. All other property used in connection with a trackage right agreement shall be listed.
        (j) Any other information the Department may require
to determine the fair cash value of the property of any railroad company, or necessary to carry out the provisions of this Code, including information pertaining to any potential increases in the property's overall valuation that is directly attributable to the investment, improvement, replacement, or expansion of railroad operating property on or after January 1, 2010, through State or federal governmental programs, including cooperative agreements, necessary for higher speed passenger rail transportation through December 31, 2029.
    Such statements or schedules shall conform to the instructions and forms prescribed by the Department.
    In cases where a railroad company uses property owned by another, the return shall be made by the using company and all property operated under one control shall be returned as provided above.
(Source: P.A. 101-186, eff. 8-2-19.)