(35 ILCS 200/11-95)
    Sec. 11-95. Listing of non-carrier real estate. Every railroad company subject to assessment in this State shall annually return to the Department a list of its non-carrier real estate in this State, providing its description, the current assessed value, and the estimated true value of all non-carrier real estate both within and outside of this State, and any other information the Department may require. The Department shall examine the list and make whatever additions or alterations it may find necessary, and transmit to the proper assessing officials of each county in which non-carrier real estate is located, the list described above, together with any other information it considers pertinent. If additions or alterations to the list are made by the Department, the revised list shall also be sent to the reporting carrier. The proper assessing officials of each county shall then assess the non-carrier real estate in the same manner as similar locally assessed property belonging to individuals, except that it shall be treated as property belonging to railroads. If any parcels are not platted, any description is sufficient which would enable a competent surveyor to locate the property.
    Property listed as non-carrier real estate shall also include the property index number in counties where such a numbering system has been adopted.
(Source: P.A. 84-777; 84-1013; 88-455.)