(35 ILCS 200/18-35)
    Sec. 18-35. Collector's books; columns. Each county clerk shall prepare the collector's books with 4 columns for the value of each property, the first to show the assessed value by the chief county assessment officer, the second to show the value as corrected by the board of review or board of appeals, the third to show the value as equalized by the board of review under Sections 16-60 and 16-65, and the fourth to show the value as equalized or assessed by the Department. Such books may be created, transmitted, and stored in an electronic format. If a municipality has adopted tax increment allocation financing under Division 74.4 of Article 11 of the Illinois Municipal Code, the county clerk, or clerks if a municipality is located in more than one county, shall provide additional columns for the initial equalized assessed value, for the extension of the taxes and other purposes, and for the amount of the tax to be deposited in the special tax allocation fund. The books also shall contain a column to insert opposite each parcel of property any tax sale or forfeiture for taxes or special assessments for the 2 preceding years not canceled or withdrawn from collection at any tax sale. Tax sales shall be designated by the word "sold", forfeited, withdrawn or other appropriate designation to be stamped in the proper column opposite the property listing not released prior to December 1st of each year. Each county collector shall stamp upon all receipts given for taxes the information in those columns, to be known as the tax sale column and the delinquent special assessment column. The county clerk shall collect the same fee for stamping forfeitures, as for tax sales and withdrawals.
(Source: P.A. 98-840, eff. 8-1-14.)