(35 ILCS 200/18-90)
    Sec. 18-90. Limitation on extension of county clerk. The tax levy resolution or ordinance approved in the manner provided for in this Article shall be filed with the county clerk in the manner and at the time otherwise provided by law. No amount more than 105% of the amount, exclusive of election costs, which has been extended or is estimated to be extended, plus any amount abated by the taxing district prior to extension, upon the final aggregate levy of the preceding year shall be extended unless the tax levy ordinance or resolution is accompanied by a certification by the presiding officer of the corporate authority certifying compliance with or inapplicability of the provisions of Sections 18-60 through 18-85. An amount extended under Section 18-107 in 1994 for a multi-township assessment district that did not file a certification of compliance with the Truth in Taxation Law may not exceed 105% of the amount, exclusive of election costs, that was extended in 1993, plus a proportional amount abated before extension, upon the levy or portion of a levy that is allocable to assessment purposes in each township that is a member of that multi-township assessment district.
(Source: P.A. 88-455; 88-660, eff. 9-16-94.)