(35 ILCS 200/2-65)
    Sec. 2-65. Deputies and employees.
    (a) In all counties under township organization where a township or multi-township assessor is unable alone to perform all duties of the office, he or she may appoint one or more suitable persons as deputies to assist in making the assessment, and may appoint other employees required for operation of the office. The deputies and other employees may be employed on an annual, monthly or daily basis.
    (b) Every township or multi-township assessor with 5 or more deputies and other employees shall adopt rules concerning all benefits available to employees. The rules shall include, without limitation, the following benefits to the extent they are applicable: insurance coverage, compensation, overtime pay, compensatory time off, holidays, vacations, sick leave, and maternity leave. The rules shall be adopted and filed with the township clerk within 4 months after the assessor takes office. A multi-township assessor shall file the rules with the clerk of each township in the district. Amendments to the rules shall be filed with the appropriate township clerk or clerks by their effective date.
(Source: P.A. 87-818; 88-455.)