(35 ILCS 505/13a.8)
    Sec. 13a.8. Any receiver who has paid the tax imposed by Section 2a of this Law (either directly to the Department or to another licensed receiver) upon fuel exported or sold under the exemptions provided in Section 2a may file a claim for credit to recover the amount so paid. The claims shall be made to the Department, duly verified by the claimant (or by the claimant's legal representative if the claimant has died or become a person under legal disability), upon forms prescribed by the Department. The claim shall state such facts relating to the purchase, importation, manufacture, production, export, or sale of the fuel by the claimant as the Department may deem necessary together with such other information as the Department may reasonably require. The Department may investigate the correctness of the facts stated in the claims as it deems necessary. When the Department approves a claim, the Department shall issue a credit memorandum to the receiver who made the payment for which the credit is being given or, if the receiver has died or become incompetent, to the receiver's legal representative. The amount of the credit memorandum shall be credited against any tax due or to become due under this Act from the receiver who made the payment for which credit has been given.
    Any credit or refund that is allowed under this Section shall bear interest at the rate and in the manner specified in the Uniform Penalty and Interest Act.
    In case the receiver requests and the Department determines that the claimant is entitled to a refund, the refund shall be made only from such appropriation as may be available for that purpose. If it appears unlikely that the amount appropriated would permit everyone having a claim allowed during the period covered by such appropriation to elect to receive a cash refund, the Department, by rule or regulation, shall provide for the payment of refunds in hardship cases and shall define what types of cases qualify as hardship cases.
    If no tax is due and no proceeding is pending to determine whether the receiver is indebted to the Department for tax, the credit memorandum issued may be assigned and set over by the lawful holder thereof, subject to reasonable rules of the Department, to any other licensed receiver who is subject to this Act, and the amount thereof applied by the Department against any tax due or to become due under this Act from such assignee.
    If the payment for which the receiver's claim is filed is held in the protest fund of the State Treasury during the pendency of the claim for credit proceedings under an order of the court in accordance with Section 2a of the State Officers and Employees Money Disposition Act and if it is determined by the Department or by the final order of a reviewing court under the Administrative Review Law that the claimant is entitled to all or a part of the credit claimed, the claimant, instead of receiving a credit memorandum from the Department, shall receive a cash refund from the protest fund as provided for in Section 2a of the State Officers and Employees Money Disposition Act.
    If any person ceases to be licensed as a receiver while still holding an unused credit memorandum issued under this Act, that person may, at his or her election (instead of assigning the credit memorandum to a licensed receiver under this Act), surrender the unused credit memorandum to the Department and receive a refund of the amount to which such person is entitled.
(Source: P.A. 90-491, eff. 1-1-98.)