(35 ILCS 515/10.1) (from Ch. 120, par. 1210.1)
    Sec. 10.1. Notice to assessor of ownership change. An operator of a mobile home park licensed under the provisions of the Mobile Home Park Act and any land owner on which an inhabited mobile home is located shall notify the township assessor, if any, or the Supervisor of Assessments or county assessor if there is no township assessor, or the county assessor in those counties in which a county assessor is elected pursuant to Section 3-45 of the Property Tax Code, when a change in ownership occurs in a mobile home located in such a park or on such land. Such notification shall include the same information for the new owner as that contained in the registration form required of mobile home park operators and mobile home owners by Section 4 of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 92-807, eff. 1-1-03.)