(40 ILCS 5/6-156) (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 6-156)
    Sec. 6-156. Re-entry of pensioner or annuitant into service. (a) When a fireman who has withdrawn after the effective date re-enters the service before age 63, any annuity previously granted to him and any annuity fixed for his wife shall be cancelled. The fireman shall be credited with the actuarial value of the annuities cancelled for him and his wife as of their respective ages on the date of his re-entry into service; provided, that for present employees and future entrants who entered service prior to July 1, 1953, the maximum age of a wife for this purpose shall not be more than 5 years less than his age, and for future entrants who entered service after June 30, 1953, the age, for annuity purposes, of a wife who is older than her husband shall be assumed to be equal to his age. Such sums shall be credited to the fireman to provide for annuities in the future.
    Deductions from salary and contributions by the city for all purposes of this Article shall be made as provided herein, and upon subsequent retirement, new annuities based upon the amount then to his credit for annuity purposes and the entire term of his service shall be fixed for him and his wife.
    If such fireman's wife, for whom annuity has been fixed prior to his re-entrance into service, has died, or the marriage was dissolved before he re-entered service, no part of any sum or sums to the credit of such fireman for widow's prior service annuity at the time annuity for such wife was fixed shall be credited to such fireman at the time of re-entry. No part of any such sum or sums shall be used to provide annuity for any wife of such fireman who is his wife at any time after his re-entry into service.
    (b) If a fireman re-enters service after age 63, payments of pension or annuity previously granted shall be suspended. When he again withdraws, payments upon such pension or annuity shall be resumed. If the fireman dies in service, his widow shall receive the annuity previously fixed for her.
(Source: P.A. 81-1536.)