(40 ILCS 5/7-147) (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 7-147)
    Sec. 7-147. Temporary disability benefits - Commencement and duration. Temporary disability benefits shall be payable:
    (a) Upon receipt by the fund of a written application therefor. The effective date may be not more than 6 months prior to the receipt by the fund of the application. However, if an employee executes an application and delay in filing is caused by negligence or fault of any officer or employee of the applicant's municipality or participating instrumentality, the effective date may be the later of 30 days prior to the date the application is executed or one year prior to the date received by the fund.
    (b) Once a month as of the end of each calendar month;
    (c) For less than a month in a fraction equal to that created by making the number of days of disability in the month the numerator and the number of the days in the month the denominator;
    (d) To the beneficiary of a deceased participating employee for the unpaid amount accrued to the date of death;
    (e) For a period ending on the last day of the month when the total period during which temporary disability benefits are paid equals 1/2 of the total period of service (excluding periods of disability) of the employee as of the date of his disability or 30 months, whichever is the lesser; provided that when a participating employee becomes disabled within 5 years of a previous period or periods of temporary or total and permanent disability, temporary disability benefits shall be payable for a period not to exceed the lesser of 30 months or a period computed as follows:
    1. the lesser of 30 months or 1/2 of the total service preceding the first period of disability within such 5-year period;
    2. less the total amount of all periods of disability within said 5-year period;
    3. plus 1/2 of the total amount of service (excluding periods of disability) subsequent to the first period of disability within such 5-year period;
    (f) while the temporary disability continues.
(Source: P.A. 86-272.)