(60 ILCS 1/245-5)
    Sec. 245-5. Resolution at township meeting for transfer among township funds.
    (a) The legal voters of a township at an annual township meeting or at a special township meeting called for that purpose may, by written resolution by a majority vote of the legal voters present and voting on the resolution, transfer from one or more township funds to any other township fund or funds, or to the general road and bridge fund, or to any fund raised by taxation or bonds upon all the property in the township for roads and bridges, the surplus of any fund or funds over and above an amount necessary to meet township charges and expenses until the time of receiving revenue levied at the next annual township meeting. The fund or funds ordered transferred shall be transferred and paid into the other fund or funds and shall be paid out on proper orders of officers authorized by law to expend the fund or funds.
    (b) A resolution adopted under this Section shall specify the estimated amount of the proper and necessary charges and expenses of the township against the fund or funds until the time of the receipt of revenue after the next annual township meeting and the particular amount of surplus of the township fund or funds to be paid over, shall designate the particular fund or funds to be transferred to and paid into, and shall be submitted to the township meeting in writing or reduced to writing before any vote is taken on it.
    (c) Whenever it is desired to submit the resolution at a special township meeting, a special township meeting may be called when the supervisor, together with at least 25 voters of the township, file with the township clerk a written petition stating the purpose for which the special township meeting is to be called. Upon the filing of the petition, the township clerk shall give notice of the special township meeting in the same manner and for the same length of time as notice is required to be given of the annual township meeting. The notice shall state the object of the special meeting. The special meeting shall be held at the place of the last annual township meeting.
(Source: P.A. 85-293; 88-62.)