(65 ILCS 5/11-123-14) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-123-14)
    Sec. 11-123-14. Every city and village owning and operating, or owning and leasing any portion of a utility, shall keep the accounts for the utilities separate and distinct from other municipal accounts and in such manner as to show the true and complete financial standing and results of the municipal ownership and operation or of the municipal ownership and leasing, as the case may be. These accounts shall be so kept as to show: (1) the actual cost of the municipality of the utilities owned; (2) all costs of maintenance, extension, and improvement; (3) all operating expenses of every description, in case of municipal operation, whether of the whole or of a part of the utilities; (4) if water or other service is furnished for the use of the utilities without charge, as nearly as possible, the value of that service, and also the value of any service rendered by the utilities to any reasonable allowances for interest, depreciation, and other municipal department without charge; (5) insurance; and (6) estimates of the amount of taxes that would be chargeable against the utilities if owned by a private corporation. The corporate authorities of the municipality shall have printed annually for public distribution, a report showing the financial standing and results, in the form specified in this section, of the municipal ownership and operation, or of municipal ownership and leasing. This report shall be published in one or more newspapers published in the municipality, or, if no newspaper is published therein, then in one or more newspapers with a general circulation within the municipality. In municipalities with less than 500 population in which no newspaper is published, publication may instead be made by posting a notice in 3 prominent places within the municipality.
    The accounts of the utilities shall be examined at least once a year by a licensed Certified Public Accountant permitted to perform audits under the Illinois Public Accounting Act, who shall report to the corporate authorities the results of his examination. This accountant shall be selected in such manner as the corporate authorities may direct, and he shall receive for his services such compensation, to be paid out of the revenue from the utilities, as the corporate authorities may prescribe.
(Source: P.A. 94-465, eff. 8-4-05.)