(65 ILCS 5/7-7-4) (from Ch. 24, par. 7-7-4)
    Sec. 7-7-4. Public Question; Consolidation Ordinance. A public question for consolidation shall be initiated in accordance with Section 28-7 of The Election Code, as now or hereafter amended. Each petition or resolution shall be accompanied by and shall incorporate by reference a proposed consolidation ordinance, which shall be identical, except as to matters of form, for each consolidating municipality. The consolidation ordinance shall be entitled "Ordinance Providing for the Consolidation of the Cities, Villages or Incorporated Towns of (here insert the names of the consolidating municipalities) Into a Single Municipality with the Interim Name of (insert proposed interim name of consolidated municipality)". The ordinance in its proposed form shall be placed on file with the clerk of each of the consolidating municipalities. The clerk of each consolidating municipality shall place such ordinance on file and make it available for public inspection.
    The consolidation ordinance shall provide, at a minimum, for the following: (1) the minimum number of municipalities or the specific municipalities in which the approval of the voters shall be necessary to effect the consolidation; (2) procedures for the selection of the permanent name of the consolidated municipality; (3) the compensation of the corporate authorities of the consolidated municipality; (4) the date the consolidation shall be effective; (5) procedures for the orderly succession of powers, functions, assets, liabilities and personnel and the merger of the administrative offices of the consolidating municipalities; (6) the dates for election of the initial corporate authorities and other elected officers of the consolidated municipality; (7) the identity of the members of the transition committee; and (8) a form of government for the consolidated municipality, including: (i) the powers and functions of the various officers; (ii) their terms of office, whether those terms shall be staggered and if so, the procedure for staggering the terms of the initial officers; (iii) the manner of selection of the officers; and (iv) if the form of government is other than a form established by this Code, whether the positions of treasurer and clerk are elective or appointive. The consolidation ordinance may contain such other matters as are necessary or appropriate for the purposes of implementing the consolidation.
(Source: P.A. 85-1159.)