(65 ILCS 5/9-2-127) (from Ch. 24, par. 9-2-127)
    Sec. 9-2-127. In lieu of the bonds authorized in Section 9-2-119, the municipality upon the written request of the holders of all of the outstanding and unpaid vouchers issued in payment of the work, may issue and deliver to such voucher holders, in exchange for such vouchers, bonds provided for in this Section 9-2-127, provided that prior to the receipt of such request the municipality has not issued or has not made any commitment to issue any bonds the funds from which are to be used toward paying such outstanding and unpaid vouchers in full. The bonds shall be dated as of and shall draw interest from the date of their issuance, except when issued in exchange for vouchers theretofore issued in payment of the work. In such latter case the bonds shall be issued in the principal amount of the unpaid balance of the vouchers and shall bear the same date as the vouchers for which they are exchanged or the date to which interest was last paid on the vouchers, and the bonds shall draw interest from such date. The bonds shall be issued at not less than their par value. The bonds shall be executed by such officers as may be prescribed by ordinance of such municipality, with the corporate seal attached. The bonds shall bear interest at a rate specified in the ordinance referred to in Section 2-9-10 of the Illinois Municipal Code and of not more than the rate the installments of the assessment against which the bonds are issued bear. The bonds shall recite specifically that they are payable solely and only from the assessment levied for the payment of the cost of the improvement, designating the improvement for which the assessment has been levied, and shall mature on or before December 31 next succeeding the January 2 on which the last installment shall mature. Interest coupons attached to the bonds shall bear the official or facsimile signatures of the same officers who signed the bonds and shall be made payable at the office of the treasurer of the municipality. The bonds shall be numbered consecutively beginning with number one upwards and shall be payable in their numerical order and redeemable prior to maturity in numerical order as hereinafter provided. Each of the bonds issued pursuant to this Section 9-2-127 shall bear a legend on the face of the bond printed in bold face type and in a paragraph by itself to the effect that the bond is one of a series of bonds which are to be paid and redeemed in numerical order and not on a pro-rata basis.
    As used in this Section and in Sections 9-2-128 and 9-2-129, "treasurer" with respect to municipalities in which a comptroller is elected or appointed means treasurer or comptroller.
    This amendatory Act of 1971 is not a limit upon any municipality which is a home rule unit.
(Source: P.A. 82-642.)