(65 ILCS 5/9-2-4) (from Ch. 24, par. 9-2-4)
    Sec. 9-2-4. Any municipality in or adjacent to which any Federal defense project is in progress or is about to be in progress, may, if the Defense Department of the United States, or any officer thereof designated by the Secretary of Defense for such purpose, certifies that the water supply, sewage system or highway system of such municipality is inadequate to provide sufficient facilities due to the increase or anticipated increase in the population of such municipality on account of such project, provide a special tax or special assessment of the property benefited, (or in case the Federal Government or any agency thereof grants moneys, services or materials, for raising its portion of the funds necessary), for such construction, extension, improvement or repair. Such special tax or special assessment shall be levied and collected and the proceedings incident thereto shall be carried on, in conformance with the provisions of this Division 2, in so far as such provisions are applicable, with the following exceptions: (1) no public hearing, as provided in Section 9-2-10, shall be necessary; (2) if the improvement is accomplished through Federal aid which takes the form of the supplying of labor and materials rather than funds, no public letting of contract shall be required; (3) to meet such emergency, the municipality may secure temporary financing therefor and levy such special tax or assessment during construction of the improvement or at any time within one year thereafter and utilize the proceeds of such levy or assessment (or bonds issued in anticipation thereof) to retire such temporary financing when and if such tax or assessment shall be confirmed by the Circuit Court wherein such municipality shall be situated.
(Source: P.A. 80-1495.)