(65 ILCS 5/9-2-47) (from Ch. 24, par. 9-2-47)
    Sec. 9-2-47. The assessment roll shall contain (1) a list of all the lots, blocks, tracts, and parcels of land assessed for the proposed improvement and, in counties in which a property index number system has been established in accordance with Section 9-45 of the Property Tax Code, the index number in addition to the legal description, (2) the amount assessed against each, (3) the name of the person who paid the taxes on each such parcel during the last preceding calendar year in which taxes were paid, as ascertained upon investigation by the officer making the return, or under his direction, and (4) the residence of the person so paying the taxes on each such parcel if the residence on diligent inquiry can be found. In case of an assessment in installments, the amount of each installment shall also be stated. The officer making the roll shall certify under oath that he believes that the amounts assessed against the public and each parcel of property are just and equitable, and do not exceed the benefit which in each case will be derived from the improvements, and that no lot, block, tract, or parcel of land has been assessed more than its proportionate share of the cost of the improvement.
    Several lots, or parts of land, owned and improved as one parcel may be assessed as one parcel.
    Notice shall be given of the nature of the improvement, of the pendency of the proceeding, of the time and place of filing the petition therefor, of the time and place of filing the assessment roll therein, and of the time and place at which application will be made for confirmation of the assessment, the same to be not less than 15 days after the mailing of such notices. The notices shall be sent by mail postpaid to each of the specified persons paying the taxes on the respective parcels during the last preceding year in which taxes were paid, at his residence as shown in the assessment roll, or, if not shown, then to such person so paying the taxes, directed generally to the municipality in which the improvement is proposed to be made.
    The notice shall state the amount assessed to the person to whom it is directed for the improvement proposed, the total amount of the cost of the improvement, and the total amount assessed as benefits upon the public.
    Where the improvement is to be constructed with aid furnished by any agency of the Federal Government, or other governmental agency, the notice shall set forth, in dollars and cents, the estimated amount of aid to be so furnished.
    An affidavit shall be filed before the final hearing showing a compliance with the requirements of this section, and also showing that the affiant, either the officer making the specified return, or some one acting under his direction, made a careful examination of the collector's books showing the payments of general taxes during the last preceding year in which the taxes were paid thereon, to ascertain the person who last paid the taxes on the respective parcels, and a diligent search for his residence, and that the report correctly states the persons and residences as ascertained by the affiant. This report and affidavit shall be conclusive evidence, for the purpose of this proceeding, of the correctness of the assessment roll in these particulars. In case the affidavit is found in any respect wilfully false, the person making it is guilty of perjury, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished according to the laws of this State.
(Source: P.A. 88-670, eff. 12-2-94.)