(70 ILCS 2605/4.15) (from Ch. 42, par. 323.15)
    Sec. 4.15. Notice in writing shall be given by the appointing power to the Director of all appointments, permanent or temporary, made in such classified civil service and of all transfers, promotions, resignations or vacancies from any cause in such service within 10 days of the date thereof, and a record of the same shall be kept by the Director. If, when created, such office or place is not embraced in the then existing classification, the Director shall, within 30 days of the receipt of said report, classify the same and standardize the duties thereof. But no place of employment shall be deemed a newly created position, the duties of which come within the scope of standardization already fixed by the Director. When any office or place of employment is created or abolished, or the compensation attached thereto altered, the officer or board making such change shall report it in writing to the Director within 10 days of the date thereof.
(Source: Laws 1963, p. 2477.)