(70 ILCS 2605/5.6) (from Ch. 42, par. 324p)
    Sec. 5.6. During the consideration of and before final action by the board of trustees on the proposed budget, such tentative budget shall be made conveniently available to public inspection for at least ten (10) days by having at least three (3) copies thereof on file in the office of the Clerk of the district and by making copies available to anyone upon payment of a reasonable charge. At the conclusion of this said ten (10) days and not more than twenty (20) days after such budget shall have been made available for public inspection the said board of trustees shall hold at least one public hearing thereon of which public notice shall have been given by at least one publication in a newspaper having general circulation in the district at least three (3) days before such public hearing is held. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees to arrange for and to hold such public hearing or hearings.
(Source: Laws 1943, vol. 1, p. 599.)