(70 ILCS 3605/12) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 312)
    Sec. 12. The Authority shall have the continuing power to borrow money for the purpose of acquiring any transportation system (including any cash funds of such system reserved to replace worn out or obsolete equipment and facilities), and for acquiring necessary cash working funds, or for acquiring constructing, reconstructing, extending or improving its transportation system or any part thereof, and for acquiring any property and equipment useful for the construction, reconstruction, extension, improvement or operation of its transportation system or any part thereof. For the purpose of evidencing the obligation of the Authority to repay any money borrowed as aforesaid the Authority may pursuant to ordinance adopted by the Board from time to time issue and dispose of its interest bearing revenue bonds or certificates and may also from time to time issue and dispose of its interest bearing revenue bonds or certificates to refund any bonds or certificates at maturity or pursuant to redemption provisions or at any time before maturity with the consent of the holders thereof. All such bonds and certificates shall be payable solely from the revenues or income or any other funds which the Authority may receive, may bear such date or dates, may mature at such time or times not exceeding forty years from their respective dates, may bear interest at such rate or rates, not exceeding 9 per cent per annum or 70% of the prime commercial rate in effect at the time the contract is made, whichever is greater, payable semi-annually, may be in such form, may carry such registration privileges, may be executed in such manner, may be payable at such place or places, may be made subject to redemption in such manner and upon such terms, with or without premium as is stated on the face thereof, may be authenticated in such manner and may contain such terms and covenants, all as may be provided in such ordinance. Notwithstanding the form or tenor thereof and in the absence of an express recital on the face thereof that it is non-negotiable all such bonds and certificates shall be negotiable instruments. Pending the preparation and execution of any such bonds or certificates temporary bonds or certificates may be issued with or without interest coupons as may be provided by ordinance. To secure the payment of any or all of such bonds or certificates and for the purpose of setting forth the covenants and undertakings of the authority in connection with the issuance thereof and the issuance of any additional bonds or certificates payable from such revenue or income as well as the use and application of the revenue or income to be derived from the transportation system the Authority may execute and deliver a trust agreement or agreements; provided that no lien upon any physical property of the Authority shall be created thereby. A remedy for any breach or default of the terms of any such trust agreement by the Authority may be by mandamus proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction to compel performance and compliance therewith, but the trust agreement may prescribe by whom or on whose behalf such action may be instituted. Under no circumstances shall any bonds or certificates issued by the Authority or any other obligation of the Authority be or become an indebtedness or obligation of the State of Illinois or of any other political subdivision of or municipality within the State, nor shall any such bond, certificate, or obligation be or become an indebtedness of the Authority within the purview of any constitutional limitation or provision, and it shall be plainly stated on the face of each bond and certificate that it does not constitute such an indebtedness or obligation but is payable solely from the revenues or income as aforesaid.
    Before any such bonds or certificates (excepting refunding bonds or certificates) are sold the entire authorized issue, or any part thereof, shall be offered for sale as a unit after advertising for bids at least three times in a daily newspaper of general circulation published in the metropolitan area, the last publication to be at least ten days before bids are required to be filed. Copies of such advertisement may be published in any newspaper or financial publication in the United States. All bids shall be sealed, filed and opened as provided by ordinance and the bonds or certificates shall be awarded to the highest and best bidder or bidders therefor. The Authority shall have the right to reject all bids and readvertise for bids in the manner provided for the initial advertisement. However, if no bids are received such bonds or certificates may be sold at not less than par value, without further advertising, within sixty (60) days after the bids are required to be filed pursuant to any advertisement.
    Prime commercial rate means such prime rate as from time to time is publicly announced by the largest commercial banking institution located in this State, measured in terms of total assets.
(Source: P.A. 81-1504.)