(70 ILCS 3605/50)
    Sec. 50. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Contracting and Equal Employment Opportunity Programs. The Authority shall, as soon as is practicable but in no event later than two years after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 95th General Assembly, establish and maintain a disadvantaged business enterprise contracting program designed to ensure non-discrimination in the award and administration of contracts not covered under a federally mandated disadvantaged business enterprise program. The program shall establish narrowly tailored goals for the participation of disadvantaged business enterprises as the Authority determines appropriate. The goals shall be based on demonstrable evidence of the availability of ready, willing, and able disadvantaged business enterprises relative to all businesses ready, willing, and able to participate on the program's contracts. The program shall require the Authority to monitor the progress of the contractors' obligations with respect to the program's goals. Nothing in this program shall conflict with or interfere with the maintenance or operation of, or compliance with, any federally mandated disadvantaged business enterprise program.
    The Authority shall establish and maintain a program designed to promote equal employment opportunity. Each year, no later than October 1, the Authority shall report to the General Assembly on the number of employees of the Authority and the number of employees who have designated themselves as members of a minority group and gender.
    Each year no later than October 1, and starting no later than the October 1 after the establishment of the disadvantaged business enterprise contracting program, the Authority shall submit a report with respect to such program to the General Assembly. In addition, no later than October 1 of each year, the Authority shall submit a copy of its federally mandated semi-annual Uniform Report of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Awards or Commitments and Payments to the General Assembly.
(Source: P.A. 95-708, eff. 1-18-08.)