(110 ILCS 148/40)
    Sec. 40. Guiding principles for and purposes of transitional mathematics instruction.
    (a) ISBE, ICCB, and IBHE shall jointly establish and administer requirements and supports for transitional mathematics instruction pursuant to the requirements of Sections 45 through 65 of this Act. In doing so, these agencies shall be guided by all of the following principles:
        (1) Transitional mathematics instruction should be
one of multiple strategies to reduce statewide remedial education rates, including better alignment of school district and postsecondary institution systems, targeted mathematics interventions throughout high school, and the use of corequisite remedial education models by postsecondary institutions.
        (2) Postsecondary institution placement into
college-level mathematics courses should be based on more than a standardized assessment score, and postsecondary institutions should utilize multiple measures for placement in most instances.
        (3) All high school students who can demonstrate
readiness for college-level mathematics courses should have access to such courses.
        (4) Students should be provided mathematics
instruction aligned to their individualized postsecondary education and career objectives.
        (5) Mathematics instruction should be
contextualized and emphasize real-world application whenever possible, and instructional strategies integrating mathematics competencies with other academic and career competencies are encouraged for all students.
    (b) The purposes of transitional mathematics instruction are to:
        (1) provide the mathematical foundation for
postsecondary education and careers that high school students are lacking from their previous education;
        (2) provide high school students with the
mathematical knowledge and skills to meet their individualized postsecondary education and career objectives; and
        (3) provide high school students with the knowledge
and skills to be successful in mathematics college-level courses.
(Source: P.A. 99-674, eff. 7-29-16.)