(205 ILCS 620/2-12)
    Sec. 2-12. Reproductions of documents. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, if a corporate fiduciary possesses, records, or creates any document, memorandum, writing, entry, representation, or combination thereof, of any act, transaction, occurrence, event, or agreement (including, without limitation, a trust agreement or amendment thereto, but excluding in all events an original will or codicil thereto) and in the regular course of business has caused any or all of the same to be recorded, copied, or reproduced by photographic, photostatic, facsimile, microfiche, optical, or electronic imaging, or any other electronic or computer-generated process that accurately reproduces or forms a medium for so reproducing the original, the original may be destroyed in the regular course of business and such recording, copy, or reproduction shall be admissible in evidence in the same manner as the original in any proceeding, whether the original is in existence or not. This Section shall not be construed to exclude from evidence any document or copy thereof that is otherwise admissible under the rules of evidence.
(Source: P.A. 90-298, eff. 8-1-97; 90-655, eff. 7-30-98.)