(225 ILCS 85/22b)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2028)
    Sec. 22b. Automated pharmacy systems; remote dispensing.
    (a) Automated pharmacy systems must have adequate security and procedures to comply with federal and State laws and regulations and maintain patient confidentiality, as defined by rule.
    (b) Access to and dispensing from an automated pharmacy system shall be limited to pharmacists or personnel who are designated in writing by the pharmacist-in-charge and have completed documented training concerning their duties associated with the automated pharmacy system.
    (c) All drugs stored in relation to an automated pharmacy system must be stored in compliance with this Act and the rules adopted under this Act, including the requirements for temperature, proper storage containers, handling of outdated drugs, prescription dispensing, and delivery.
    (d) An automated pharmacy system operated from a remote site shall be under the continuous supervision of a home pharmacy pharmacist. To qualify as continuous supervision, the pharmacist is not required to be physically present at the site of the automated pharmacy system if the system is supervised electronically by a pharmacist, as defined by rule.
    (e) Drugs may only be dispensed at a remote site through an automated pharmacy system after receipt of an original prescription drug order by a pharmacist at the home pharmacy. A pharmacist at the home pharmacy must control all operations of the automated pharmacy system and approve the release of the initial dose of a prescription drug order. Refills from an approved prescription drug order may be removed from the automated medication system after this initial approval. Any change made in the prescription drug order shall require a new approval by a pharmacist to release the drug.
    (f) If an automated pharmacy system uses removable cartridges or containers to store a drug, the stocking or restocking of the cartridges or containers may occur at a licensed wholesale drug distributor and be sent to the home pharmacy to be loaded after pharmacist verification by personnel designated by the pharmacist, provided that the individual cartridge or container is transported to the home pharmacy in a secure, tamper evident container. An automated pharmacy system must use a bar code verification or weight verification or electronic verification or similar process to ensure that the cartridge or container is accurately loaded into the automated pharmacy system. The pharmacist verifying the filling and labeling shall be responsible for ensuring that the cartridge or container is stocked or restocked correctly by personnel designated to load the cartridges or containers. An automated pharmacy system must use a bar code verification, electronic, or similar process, as defined by rule, to ensure that the proper medication is dispensed from the automated system. A record of each transaction with the automated pharmacy system must be maintained for 5 years. A prescription dispensed from an automated pharmacy system shall be deemed to have been approved by the pharmacist. No automated pharmacy system shall be operated prior to inspection and approval by the Department.
(Source: P.A. 95-689, eff. 10-29-07.)