(225 ILCS 305/9) (from Ch. 111, par. 1309)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2030)
    Sec. 9. Board. The Secretary shall appoint an Architecture Licensing Board consisting of 7 members who shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Secretary. All members of the Board shall be residents of Illinois. Six members shall (i) hold a valid architecture license in Illinois and have held the license under this Act for the preceding 10 years, and (ii) not have been disciplined within the preceding 10 years under this Act. One architect shall be a tenured member of the architectural faculty of an Illinois university accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. In addition to the 6 architects, there shall be one public member. The public member shall be a voting member and shall not be licensed under this Act or any other design profession licensing Act that the Department administers.
    Board members shall serve 5-year terms and until their successors are appointed and qualified. In appointing members to the Board, the Secretary shall give due consideration to recommendations by members and organizations of the architecture profession.
    The membership of the Board should reasonably reflect representation from the geographic areas in this State.
    No member shall be reappointed to the Board for a term which would cause his or her continuous service on the Board to be longer than 2 consecutive 5-year terms.
    Appointments to fill vacancies shall be made in the same manner as original appointments, for the unexpired portion of the vacated term.
    Four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. A quorum is required for Board decisions.
    The Secretary may remove any member of the Board for misconduct, incompetence, or neglect of duty or for reasons prescribed by law for removal of State officials.
    The Secretary may remove a member of the Board who does not attend 2 consecutive meetings.
    Notice of proposed rulemaking shall be transmitted to the Board and the Department shall review the response of the Board and any recommendations made therein. The Department may, at any time, seek the expert advice and knowledge of the Board on any matter relating to the administration or enforcement of this Act.
    Members of the Board are not liable for damages in any action or proceeding as a result of activities performed as members of the Board, except upon proof of actual malice.
    Members of the Board shall be reimbursed for all legitimate, necessary, and authorized expenses.
(Source: P.A. 101-346, eff. 8-9-19.)