(230 ILCS 40/75)
    Sec. 75. Revenue sharing; Local Government Video Gaming Distributive Fund.
    (a) As soon as may be after the first day of each month, the Department of Revenue shall allocate among those municipalities and counties of this State that have not prohibited video gaming pursuant to Section 27 or Section 70 the amount available in the Local Government Video Gaming Distributive Fund, a special fund in the State Treasury, as provided in Section 60. The Department shall then certify such allocations to the State Comptroller, who shall pay over to those eligible municipalities and counties the respective amounts allocated to them. The amount of such funds allocable to each such municipality and county shall be in proportion to the tax revenue generated from video gaming within the eligible municipality or county compared to the tax revenue generated from video gaming Statewide.
    (b) The amounts allocated and paid to a municipality or county of this State pursuant to the provisions of this Section may be used for any general corporate purpose authorized for that municipality or county.
    (c) Upon determination by the Department that an amount has been paid pursuant to this Section in excess of the amount to which the county or municipality receiving such payment was entitled, the county or municipality shall, upon demand by the Department, repay such amount. If such repayment is not made within a reasonable time, the Department shall withhold from future payments an amount equal to such overpayment. The Department shall redistribute the amount of such payment to the county or municipality entitled thereto.
(Source: P.A. 96-34, eff. 7-13-09.)