(325 ILCS 20/12) (from Ch. 23, par. 4162)
    Sec. 12. Procedural safeguards. The lead agency shall adopt procedural safeguards that meet federal requirements and ensure effective implementation of the safeguards for families by each public agency involved in the provision of early intervention services under this Act.
    The procedural safeguards shall provide, at a minimum, the following:
        (a) The timely administrative resolution of State
complaints, due process hearings, and mediations as defined by administrative rule.
        (b) The right to confidentiality of personally
identifiable information.
        (c) The opportunity for parents and a guardian to
examine and receive copies of records relating to evaluations and assessments, screening, eligibility determinations, and the development and implementation of the Individualized Family Service Plan provision of early intervention services, individual complaints involving the child, or any part of the child's early intervention record.
        (d) Procedures to protect the rights of the eligible
infant or toddler whenever the parents or guardians of the child are not known or unavailable or the child is a youth in care as defined in Section 4d of the Children and Family Services Act, including the assignment of an individual (who shall not be an employee of the State agency or local agency providing services) to act as a surrogate for the parents or guardian. The regional intake entity must make reasonable efforts to ensure the assignment of a surrogate parent not more than 30 days after a public agency determines that the child needs a surrogate parent.
        (e) Timely written prior notice to the parents or
guardian of the eligible infant or toddler whenever the State agency or public or private service provider proposes to initiate or change or refuses to initiate or change the identification, evaluation, placement, or the provision of appropriate early intervention services to the eligible infant or toddler.
        (f) Written prior notice to fully inform the parents
or guardians, in their native language or mode of communication used by the parent, unless clearly not feasible to do so, in a comprehensible manner, of these procedural safeguards.
        (g) During the pendency of any State complaint
procedure, due process hearing, or mediation involving a complaint, unless the State agency and the parents or guardian otherwise agree, the child shall continue to receive the appropriate early intervention services currently being provided, or in the case of an application for initial services, the child shall receive the services not in dispute.
(Source: P.A. 100-159, eff. 8-18-17.)