(325 ILCS 20/7) (from Ch. 23, par. 4157)
    Sec. 7. Essential Components of the Statewide Service System. As required by federal laws and regulations, a statewide system of coordinated, comprehensive, interagency and interdisciplinary programs shall be established and maintained. The framework of the statewide system shall be based on the components set forth in this Section. This framework shall be used for planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the statewide system of locally based early intervention services.
    The statewide system shall include, at a minimum:
        (a) a definition of the term "developmentally
delayed", in accordance with the definition in Section 3, that will be used in Illinois in carrying out programs under this Act;
        (b) timetables for ensuring that appropriate early
intervention services, based on scientifically based research, to the extent practicable, will be available to all eligible infants and toddlers in this State after the effective date of this Act;
        (c) a timely, comprehensive, multidisciplinary
evaluation of each potentially eligible infant and toddler in this State, unless the child meets the definition of eligibility based upon his or her medical and other records; for a child determined eligible, a multidisciplinary assessment of the unique strengths and needs of that infant or toddler and the identification of services appropriate to meet those needs and a family-directed assessment of the resources, priorities, and concerns of the family and the identification of supports and services necessary to enhance the family's capacity to meet the developmental needs of that infant or toddler;
        (d) for each eligible infant and toddler, an
Individualized Family Service Plan, including service coordination (case management) services;
        (e) a comprehensive child find system, consistent
with Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 United States Code 1411 through 1420 and as set forth in 34 CFR 300.115), which includes timelines and provides for participation by primary referral sources;
        (f) a public awareness program focusing on early
identification of eligible infants and toddlers;
        (g) a central directory which includes public and
private early intervention services, resources, and experts available in this State, professional and other groups (including parent support groups and training and information centers) that provide assistance to infants and toddlers with disabilities who are eligible for early intervention programs assisted under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and their families, and research and demonstration projects being conducted in this State relating to infants and toddlers with disabilities;
        (h) a comprehensive system of personnel development;
        (i) a policy pertaining to the contracting or making
of other arrangements with public and private service providers to provide early intervention services in this State, consistent with the provisions of this Act, including the contents of the application used and the conditions of the contract or other arrangements;
        (j) a procedure for securing timely reimbursement of
        (k) procedural safeguards with respect to programs
under this Act;
        (l) policies and procedures relating to the
establishment and maintenance of standards to ensure that personnel necessary to carry out this Act are appropriately and adequately prepared and trained;
        (m) a system of evaluation of, and compliance with,
program standards;
        (n) a system for compiling data on the numbers of
eligible infants and toddlers and their families in this State in need of appropriate early intervention services; the numbers served; the types of services provided; and other information required by the State or federal government; and
        (o) a single line of responsibility in a lead agency
designated by the Governor to carry out its responsibilities as required by this Act.
    In addition to these required components, linkages may be established within a local community area among the prenatal initiatives affording services to high risk pregnant women. Additional linkages among at risk programs and local literacy programs may also be established.
    Within 60 days of the effective date of this Act, a five-fiscal-year implementation plan shall be submitted to the Governor by the lead agency with the concurrence of the Interagency Council on Early Intervention. The plan shall list specific activities to be accomplished each year, with cost estimates for each activity. No later than the second Monday in July of each year thereafter, the lead agency shall, with the concurrence of the Interagency Council, submit to the Governor's Office a report on accomplishments of the previous year and a revised list of activities for the remainder of the five-fiscal-year plan, with cost estimates for each. The Governor shall certify that specific activities in the plan for the previous year have been substantially completed before authorizing relevant State or local agencies to implement activities listed in the revised plan that depend substantially upon completion of one or more of the earlier activities.
(Source: P.A. 98-41, eff. 6-28-13.)